Rescue Stories
Saving one life at a time…


New Hope Cat Rescue and SanctuaryHeath

Heath is New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary’s Mascot. He was thrown out of a moving car on 287 in Arlington and left for dead. When our volunteer saw Heath she thought he was dead. However, Heath had other plans and climbed up under her car. She could not locate him and had to drive 10 mph for the six miles back to her job to get help getting Heath out from under her car. After 1 ½ hours Heath was rescued by one of our other volunteers and immediately taken to an emergency vet. He was found to have a broken leg and the veterinarian felt that his leg would heal. It was later determined that Heath’s leg would not heal properly and his leg had to be amputated. Heath is extremely afraid of people and rightfully so. However, he is very loving and affectionate toward his rescuers and will live the remainder of his life with them where he feels safe and loved.

New Hope Cat Rescue and SanctuaryCricket and Smokie

We were contacted by a family behind Pascal High School in Fort Worth regarding a momma cat and her two kittens. They did not want the cats around their house because their grandchildren were allergic to cats. A volunteer of New Hope Cat Rescue went to their home and trapped the momma cat and one of the kittens. The volunteer was able to pick the other kitten up because it was so sick. The momma cat and kittens were taken to the vet where it was determined that the kittens had upper respiratory infections, intestinal parasites, and were covered in ringworms. Another one of our volunteers took the momma and kittens into her home, where the momma cat was spayed and then integrated into a feral cat colony that the volunteer maintains. The two kittens recovered and were socialized, and although it took some time they found their forever homes. Just look at how beautiful and happy Cricket and Smokie are now.

New Hope Cat Rescue and SanctuaryGracie

One of our volunteers was driving on I-20 between Anglin Road and Mansfield Highway when she saw what she believed to be a kitten on the retaining wall of the highway. She exited the freeway and went back around and sure enough there sat a little kitten. It is our belief that Gracie was thrown out of a moving car onto the highway since the access road was approximately 20 feet above the highway and there was no other way for her to have gotten onto the retaining wall. Our volunteer rescued Gracie and found that she appeared to have some neurological issues. Gracie was taken immediately to our vet to be examined where she was diagnosed with a concussion. Gracie had a really hard time walking or playing and had no idea that she was falling off of things and didn’t even try to keep herself from falling. It has taken a couple of months for Gracie to begin to recover from the concussion, but she is now running around and playing like any other kitten. Gracie is continuing to recover from her injuries and will be scheduled to be spayed when her recovery is complete.