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New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically to provide shelter and care for stray, abused, and abandoned cats; to find suitable homes for the cats in its care; and to promote positive community interaction through education, spay-neuter programs (TNR), and other activities that enable people to responsibly enjoy the companionship of cats.

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary recognizes as its core policy that it shall be a no-kill organization, meaning that no cat in its care, either within the shelter premises or the foster system, shall be destroyed except when it has been determined, in accordance with guidelines established from time to time by the Animal Care Team, that such cat is severely suffering, hopelessly ill or injured, or beyond medical treatment. The determination of whether any cat is “beyond medical treatment” shall never be based solely on the cost of such medical treatment.

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is having a donation drive to build two Catios for the cats in our rescue. The Catios will allow the cats to spend time outside in a safe environment. These Catios will contribute to the physical and mental well being of the cats that we rescue while they are waiting to find their forever homes. The estimated cost of the two Catios is $6,500.00.

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary attended the Arlington Rally on North Texas Giving Day in the hopes of winning much needed bonus grant money. We have received enough donations to cover 1/3 of the funds we need to complete these desperately needed projects. Please consider making a donation to help us keep our cats safe while awaiting adoption.

Donations can be made through our website, click on Donate or you can make a donation via pay-pal Donations can be made by mail at P.O. Box 472 Kennedale, TX 76060. New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

An example of the catio we would like to build at two of our foster homes looks similar to this.

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